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NE Florida Fair Staff

  • President / Chairperson of the Board: Keith Wingate

  • Vice President: Peggy Johnston

  • Secretary: Shelly Terrell

  • Treasurer: Karl Simmons

  • Livestock Chairperson: Mike Weiscopf

  • Adult Livestock: Jimmy Terrell

  • Youth Beef: Liz Forbes

  • Medium Animals, Sheep & Goats: Stephen Simmons

  • Swine: Peggy Johnston

  • Poultry: Wanda Simmons

  • Dairy: Paulette Kirkland

  • Rabbits: Matthew Simmons

  • Horse Show: Tammy Bennett

  • Entertainment: Keith Wingate

  • Beauty Pageant: Christina Green

  • Home Arts: Angie Schlotterbeck, Peggy Johnston

  • Vendors: Shelly Terrell, George Spicer

  • Building & Grounds Chairperson: Keith Wingate

  • Executive Committee: Keith Wingate, Peggy Johnston,                                    Shelly Terrell, Karl Simmons

  • Livestock Show Secretary: Wanda Simmons

  • Gate Manager: Brian Simmons

  • Security: Sheriff Bill Leeper

  • Sponsorship: Paulette Kirkland, Liz Forbes

  • Barnyard Olympics: Brian Simmons, Matthew Simmons

  • Advertisement: Brian Simmons

  • Talent Show: Brian Simmons

  • Pallet Decorating Contest: Kaye Barber

  • Market Sale: Mike Weiscopf

  • Judging Contests: Nassau Co. Extension


Livestock Show Officials

Livestock Chairperson

Mike Weiscopf

(904) 805-2337



Peggy Johnston


Medium Animals/ Sheep & Goats Chairperson

Stephen Simmons


Small Animals/ Poultry/ Livestock Secretary

Wanda Simmons


Rabbit Chairperson

Matthew Simmons


Adult Livestock

Jimmy Terrell



Youth Beef

Liz Forbes


Market Sale

Mike Weiscopf

(904) 805-2337

Youth Dairy Chairperson

Paulette Kirkland


Horse Show

Tammy Bennett


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