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Swine Show

Show Info

Must be three years old or older on the day of show.
Chairperson: Peggy Johnston
Assistant: Jimmy Terell
Check-in: Wednesday, October 11, 2023 4:00-8:00 p.m.
Show: Saturday, October 14, 2023 6:00 p.m.
Release: Sunday, October 15, 2023 after 10:00 p.m. or
Monday, October 16, 2023 before 10:00 a.m.


Show Rules

Health Certificates required.
Premise ID tag required.
1. Any swine going to slaughter will be the owner's responsibility.
2. All market swine must be from accepted market breeds. No feral animals or
swine crossed with wild hogs will be accepted.
3. There will not be a market sale for the Open Swine Show.
4. Swine will be divided into classes determined by their weight after the
5. Championship Class (if more than 1 market class)
a. All exhibitors showing in open show must assign sole caretaker.
b. Swine show will begin October 14, 2023 at 6:00 pm.
c. Grand and Reserve Champions will receive buckles. Rosettes and
Premiums ($30, $20, $10) for 1st - 3rd places in each class.
6. Showmanship Class
a. Pee Wee ages 3-8
b. ages 9-13
c. ages 14-18
d. ages 19 & up
7. Livestock shall not be exhibited or shown if drugs administered in
accordance with federal, state, local statutes, regulations and rules affect the
animal’s performance or appearance at the event. Any surgical procedure,
injections or insertion of foreign material, substance or drug or the external
application of any substance (irritant, counter-irritant or similar substance)
which could affect the animal’s performance or alter its natural contour,
confirmation or appearance of an animal’s body will not be tolerated.
8. $10 per head entry fee should be included with the entry. There is no entry
fee for youth ages 3-18 or not graduated from high school.


Northeast Florida Fair General Livestock Rules

1. Adult Beef exhibitors must have their stock at the Fairgrounds on
Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 4:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. or Thursday, October
12, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p,m. and remain until after 10:00 p.m. on Saturday,
October 21, 2023 or Sunday, October 22, 2023, 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
2. Competent judges will judge the livestock. The decisions of the judges will
be final. Judges are instructed not to award prizes where quality does not
3. While every precaution will be used, the Northeast Florida Fair Association,
Inc. and/or its members will not be liable for loss or damage of property, or
personal injury and/or death resulting from livestock.
4. Owners must provide feed for their stock while on exhibition. Containers for
feeding and watering must be provided. This does not apply to youth poultry
and rabbit shows.
5. All cattle should be provided with a good strong halter and neck rope.
6. All animals must be trained to lead in order to compete for premiums. This
means animals can and must be brought into the ring by one exhibitor
promptly when class is called.
7. Registered animals shown by exhibitors must be registered or leased in his
or her name a minimum of 60 days prior to the day of the show. Chairperson
will check registration or lease papers upon arrival.
8. Only blue ribbon animals will compete for Grand and Reserve Champions.
9. Health certificates must be available on all animals entering the
fairgrounds. All animals must be inspected by the State Inspector before
10. Any exhibitor removing animals without official release will forfeit all premium
11. Entries close September 1, 2023. No late entries will be accepted.
12. All youth trophies, plaques, etc. will be awarded at the Parade of Champions
Sunday, October 15, 2023 (dairy cattle, dairy goats, horses), and Saturday,
October 21, 2023 (poultry, rabbits, lambs, meat goats, beef cattle, and
13. All animals must be clean and in the barn by the opening of the fair. All
exhibitors must maintain their stall space and animals in a clean and sanitary
manner thru-out the fair.
14. Registration papers that do not reflect exhibitors name must have an official
lease agreement accompanying entry form. Agreement can be found online,
www. Chairperson will check registration papers upon arrival.
15. No dogs allowed on fairgrounds except service dogs.
16. No faxed or e-mailed entries accepted.
17. All animals showing signs of sickness will be addressed by the livestock
committee for determination if removal is necessary.
18. LIABILITY - The exhibitor assumes all liability in the case of sickness, death,
or injury to his/her animal until the close of the fair. No show official or
member of the Northeast Florida Fair Association, Inc. may be liable for the
loss of any animal. The NEFFA will not be responsible for any sickness or
death of any exhibitor's animal.


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