Presented by Nassau County Farm Bureau

Nassau County Farm Bureau's Young Farmers and Ranchers will present an award during the 2018 Northeast Florida Fair. The "Young Farmer & Rancher Award" is to be presented during the Parade of Champions presentation.

Qualifications are as follows:

• Must be an active member of 4-H and/or FFA in Nassau County.
• Must be in the 12th Grade, a resident of Nassau County, and an exhibitor at the Northeast Florida Fair.
• Must be nominated by someone such as a teacher, mentor, or group leader to qualify for the award.
• A letter of recommendation must be received by the fair by September 1, 2021.
• All nominations will be kept confidential until the award is presented



1. Entries shall be restricted to bona fide 4-H and FFA Club Members only. No 4-H or FFA member who has graduated from High School may show.


2. A member may show no more than five (5) animals, this includes bred by exhibitor entries. This also includes any combination of beef, sheep, dairy, hogs or goats.


3. All Livestock must be displayed with a sign with exhibitor's name, club or chapter, animal's breed and D.O.B. Animals without signs will not be judged for Herdsman Award. No commercial farm signs in Youth Barns.


4. Entries for all animals closes September 1, 2021.


5. Animals must be in acceptable show shape.


6. The modified Danish judging system will be used.


7. Any animal that becomes disruptive during the show will be tied to the ring and judged at the judge's discretion.


8. Individual placings will be made on animals in the blue group. Championship selections will be made on breeds with blue ribbon.


9. Additional premium money will not be paid on Grand and Reserve Grand Champions. Awards will be awarded.


10. Youth entries must be signed by FFA Advisors, extension agents, and 4-H leaders, thereby verifying item #1 on this page.


11. All exhibitors must maintain their stall and pen space in a clean and sanitary manner. Animals must be clean and in the barn by opening of the fair, and remain in a clean condition until the close of the fair. All animal areas must be cleaned of shavings or hay when animals leave. This also applies to market animals that leave Sunday morning. If areas are not cleaned, $20.00 will be deducted from the exhibitor’s premium money, and youth will not be allowed to show the following year.


12. No water will be left in beds by dairy and beef exhibitors. All pans will be picked up. Youth are responsible for feeding and watering their animals. This rule excludes rabbits and poultry.


13. Bred by Exhibitor entries must be on entry form to qualify. If not registered on entry form, no ribbons or premiums will be awarded for this class. Animal must be registered. No leased animals are eligible.


14. Exhibitors are allowed two animals per class in all livestock except market class.


15. Misconduct or failure to cooperate with the show management by the exhibitor, parents or other exhibitors will be reviewed by the Livestock Committee immediately and may result in the exhibitor being disqualified from the show.


16. It is mandatory that all exhibitors entering the show ring wear a buttoned down collared shirt with at least 3/4 sleeves, dark blue or black jeans or trousers worn at the waist. Closed toed shoes, no sneakers or flip flops. No hats or baseball caps in the show ring. 4-H and FFA attire is strongly recommended. There will be no commercial advertising on the clothing. Exhibitors who do not adhere to this rule will not be allowed in the show ring. This rule also applies to the Parade of Champions and Market Sale for youth that showed animals. Chapter or club advisors may require 4-H and FFA official dress and will take precedence over the above.


17. No writing or foreign objects (except leads and halters) on animals when showing or selling.


18. No sleeping or overnight staying in the barns unless approved by the livestock committee.


19. Exhibit or and animals need to be prompt when called into the show ring for show or market sale. If exhibitor is late, they will be moved to the end of the sale.


20. All animals are required toad here to Florida Agricultural Health Requirements


NOTE: Premiums paid by check after fair.