From the sunny state of Florida, the Trinity River Band lights the listeners’ way with their unmistakably powerful blend of sibling harmonies, golden songs, and enticingly intricate arrangements. They are chameleons of music, in the fact that they play across styles and genres to make something organically brilliant. Since their ever so humble beginnings, they have garnered much success in acoustic music, and they are not satisfied to stop there! They have so much to offer yet!


The band is centered around the “trinity” of siblings Sarah Harris-Hall, Joshua Harris, and Brianna Harris. Sarah (the eldest) is the main vocalist, mandolinist, guitarist, and front person. Joshua is a world-class multi-instrumentalist, with his main (but not limited to) instruments being the resonator guitar, banjo and keyboard, as well as being a great vocalist.  Brianna (the youngest) plays beyond her years as the violinist and is also an accomplished vocalist. The additional members of the band add the perfect touches to make these sisters and brother shine. Those members are- Mike Harris on electric and acoustic guitar, Frank Kearns on the drums and percussion, and Lisa Harris on the electric bass.



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