The People of the Northeast Florida Fair Association​


President: Keith Wingate     

Vice President: Peggy Johnston

Secretary: Shelly Terrell

Treasurer: Karl Simmons (interim)



Sheriff Bill Leeper, Shelly Terrell, Peggy Johnston, Ricky Scheider, Paulette Kirkland,

Wanda Simmons, Karl Simmons, Keith Wingate, Tammy Bennett, Jeff Braddock,

Jimmy Terrell, Brian Simmons, Mike Weiscopf.


Honorary Directors:

* Douglas Hodges 

* Fred Armstrong 

Gernie Geiger 

* Ed Gregory

* Frank Shaffer

*James Terrell 

Gil Quarrier

* Herbert Kennedy

Tommy Lee 

* Gene Weatherford 

* L. F. Higginbotham,

* Arnold Robinson 

* Irene Adkinson, 

* Gary Johnston

Jerry Greeson

* James Testone 

* Larry Tison

Robert E. Williams 

*Curtiss Quarrier

*Mattie Hurst

Ray Geiger  




NE Florida Fair Staff

  • President / Chairperson of the Board: Keith Wingate

  • Vice President: Peggy Johnston

  • Secretary: Shelly Terrell

  • Treasurer: Karl Simmons

  • Livestock Chairperson: Ricky Scheider

  • Adult Livestock: Jimmy Terrell

  • Youth Beef: Liz Anno

  • Medium Animals, Sheep & Goats: Stephen Simmons

  • Swine: Peggy Johnston

  • Poultry: Wanda Simmons

  • Dairy: Paulette Kirkland

  • Rabbits: Matthew Simmons

  • Horse Show: Tammy Bennett

  • Entertainment: Keith Wingate

  • Beauty Pageant: Blake Anderson

  • Home Arts: Shirley Stalvey, Peggy Johnston

  • Vendors: Shelly Terrell

  • Building & Grounds Chairperson: Mike Weiscopf

  • Executive Committee: Keith Wingate, Peggy Johnston, Shelly Terrell, Karl Simmons

  • Membership: Peggy Johnston

  • Show Secretary: Wanda Simmons

  • Gate Manager: Brian Simmons

  • Security: Sheriff Bill Leeper

  • Receptionist: Stacy Lewis, Jessica Sikes

  • Sponsorship: Paulette Kirkland

  • Barnyard Olympics: Brian Simmons, Matthew Simmons

  • Advertisement: Brian Simmons

  • Talent Show: Brian Simmons

  • Pallet Decorating Contest: Christie Scheider

  • Market Sale: Karl Simmons.

  • Judging Contests: Nassau Co. Extension


To Join the Membership of the Northeast Florida Fair Association Call
904-879-4682 or Email:



Livestock Show Officials

Livestock Chairperson:

Ricky Scheider




Peggy Johnston



Medium Animals/ Sheep & Goats Chairperson:

Stephen Simmons



Small Animals/ Poultry/ Show Secretary:

Wanda Simmons



Rabbit Chair Person:

Matthew Simmons



Adult Livestock:

Jimmy Terrell



Youth Beef:

Liz Anno



Market Sales:

Karl Simmons



Youth Dairy Chairperson:

Paulette Kirkland



Horse Show:

Tammy Bennett




Proud Members of

The Northeast Florida Fair exists to promote agriculture in Nassau County in a fun, engaging, and exciting way.


Phone: 904-879-4682

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