Welcome to the Northeast Florida Fair contact page. Here you will find a list of all of our Elected Officers, Elected Trustees, Livestock Show Officials, and Committees. If you would like to e-mail a person on this page then click on their name (where applicable). Only names that are underlined can be contacted by e-mail. For all other inquires please call the fair association at (904) 879-4682. If no answer leave a message and someone will get back with you typically within 48 hours.

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2017 Elected Officers/Executive Committee

President Keith Wingate
Vice President Peggy Johnston
Secretary Shelly Terrell
Treasurer Karl Simmons

2017 Elected Trustees:

Tammy Bennett Ricky Scheider
Sheriff Bill Leeper Betty Jo Higginbotham
Jeff Braddock Karen Brantley
Brian Simmons Don Tanner
Gil Quarrier Wanda Simmons
Jimmy Terrell Paulette Kirkland
Mike Weiscopf

Livestock Show Officials:

Livestock Chairperson Ricky Scheider
Adult Livestock Chairperson Shelly Terrell
Livestock Show Secretary Wanda Simmons
Market Sale Karl Simmons
Medium Animals – Sheep & Goats Stephen Simmons
Small Animals Wanda Simmons
Youth Beef Karen Brantley
Horse Tammy Bennett
Swine Peggy Johnston
Poultry Wanda Simmons
Dairy Paulette Kirkland
Rabbits Matthew Simmons


Vendors Shelly Terrell
Sponsorships Paulette Kirkland
Barnyard Olympics Brian Simmons
Matthew Simmons
Webmaster Brian Simmons
Produce & Horticulture Lois Anderson
Jane Boyd
Entertainment Keith Wingate
Beauty Pageant Blake Anderson
Home Arts Building Shirley Stalvey
Barbara Kelly
& Betty Jo Higginbotham
Buildings & Grounds Ricky Scheider
Parliamentarian Don Tanner
Talent Show Brian Simmons
Pallet Decorating Contest Christie Scheider
Receptionist Audrey Thompson
Jessica Sikes
Advertising & Publicity Brian Simmons
Membership Paulette Kirkland
Gate Manager Brian Simmons
Security Sheriff Bill Leeper
Sound Technician Buuford Howard
Judging Contests Nassau County Extension